I’m an independent artist that specializes in works inspired by the video game and pop-culture icons of yesteryear and today. My focus is on creating bright, dynamic images, both still and animated.


I design for various types of apparel, including graphic tees and all-over print patterns. My designs have been featured on daily tee sites and gaming shops like Teefury, Fangamer and The Yetee.


I have a passion for character art and enjoy creating both standalone illustrations and collections in the form of zines. I also illustrate for clients around the world.


With a background in classical animation, I’ve used my skills to bring my still art to life as well as create original cartoons, such as Backwards Cat along with other projects.


I’m a professional freelancer with a long list of satisfied clients, in everything from television to video games. I offer a versatile service as both a picture maker and picture mover


I’m an independent multimedia artist based out of Ontario, Canada. I’ve been drawing all my life and enjoy it more than anything in the world, so I decided to do it forever. Or at least as long as I live. Unless I figure out how to draw longer than that.

I studied animation at Sheridan College where I made Backwards Cat Goes To The Vet, my thesis film about a cat with a butthole on his face.

Since studying I’ve worked on acclaimed games like Guacamelee and television shows like Littlest Pet Shop. I’ve crafted hundreds of independent projects, from album art for record labels to branding and apparel design for YouTube brands and other online content creators.

In 2013 I expanded my interests to apparel design, which I actively pursue to this day, inspired by my childhood love of video games, staying indoors and ruining my eyes with gameboy.

I hope you like what I’ve created!

Tanya Kozak

Tanya Kozak

BAA Animation - Sheridan College, Canada

– Paint Tool Sai
– Photoshop
– After Effects

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